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"The most reliable and predictable sources of innovation lies within the enterprise or industry... there is no empirical evidence at all for the belief that persistence pays off in pursuing the "brilliant idea"."

- Peter Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Chicago Energy Associates LLC is a management consulting firm founded in 2007 to exclusively serve the management needs of the global Energy and Utilities industries. Professional services firms are inherently characterized  by the professionals who found and build them.

Our clients consistently note and appreciate the distinguishing characteristics in our firm and team of professionals: 

Energy and Utilities Industry Expertise - Our exclusive focus is to serve clients in the Energy and Utilities industries. The strength and value of our focused professional work results from a deep understanding of our client’s strategic, technical, financial, and regulatory issues gained from expansive professional experiences in their industry. A hallmark of our work is to address our client’s business issues and needs while integrating these perspectives into our counsel and recommendations.


Global Perspective - An uncommon attribute among our professional staff is their significant global perspective. Our professionals have substantial recent experience working with clients in the U.S., U.K., Canada, the Middle East, and Asia. This experience offers our clients with local and immediate access to the world’s leading practices and perspectives on the key issues they face.


Professionalism - We are first and foremost Management Consultants. We believe that our industry focus and global experience are necessary (indeed vital), but not sufficient, elements of the value we provide our clients. The distinguishing feature of our services is how we deliver them - specifically, with a deep commitment to their acceptance and effectiveness in our client’s businesses and accompanied by the highest standards of professional independence and integrity. Simply put, management consulting is not our business, it is our profession.

About Our Name

We chose our name - Chicago Energy Associates LLC - because several of our principals began their professional careers together in predecessor consulting firms in the City of Chicago. Chicago has served as the cradle of some of the management consulting profession’s pioneering firms, including (among others) Booz-Allen & Hamilton, McKinsey & Co., A.T. Kearney, Arthur Andersen & Co., and Navigant Consulting. We are inspired by their standards of professional excellence and client service - it where we were trained in our chosen profession. Our aim is build a firm on these same high professional standards to help our clients create significant economic value and business success.

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